Our Personal Vision

          Our personal vision for the practice is one in which the commitment to excellence in care for our patients is our first priority. While our practice goals are very important, they should never take priority over our patients needs.

           We envision a staff that shares the same vision and works as a team. We would be fully committed to providing service in a loving and compassionate manner in such a way that the patient and parent are treated better than they have ever been treated before.

           An atmosphere would be created where each team member’s ideas are heard, respected, and encouraged. All team members would feel loved and supported and feel good about themselves. They would be there because they know that they can make an important positive difference in other people’s well being, and oral health. Such excellence in relationships will create an atmosphere of positive energy and enthusiasm that will pervade the office, and will attract new patients to our services.

           We are willing to commit our time, energy, and financial resources necessary to make our vision come true.

                                                               Edward M. Matsuishi, D.D.S. and Nicholas Ching, D.D.S