Visiting the Office

Dr. Ching believes early prevention and proper care can help maintain a child’s beautiful smile. For this reason, Children’s Dentistry invites your preschool to come and visit our office to learn how fun and easy a visit to the dentist can be. Your students can visit our office and participate in a special interactive presentation where they will meet the Tooth Fairy, her helper, and Doug the dog! With these new friends, your students will learn about brushing, flossing, and healthy food choices. Then your class will have the opportunity to learn what happens during a dental visit. Dr. Ching will explain the importance of taking X-Rays, perform a fun dental exam on Doug the dog, and introduce the different dental tools that may be used during an exam. With the help of puppets, giant tooth brushes, games, and songs, students will have a better understanding of what a dentist does and, most importantly, will have fun!

Scheduling a pre-school visit for your class is easy. Call our school coordinator at (510) 524-4633 or email to set up a visit for your group. We look forward to hearing from you! Dr. Ching loves visitors.


  • Introducing Dr. Nick!