First Visit


First Visit

You can help prevent tooth decay by scheduling your child’s first visit within 6 months of his/her first tooth coming in. Why? Unfortunately, the research shows that more than half of the children who are not seen until two or three years of age develop cavities. You can prevent this from happening by coming in soon after the first tooth for a “well baby dental examination”.

Dr. Ching will teach you how to properly clean your child’s teeth, discuss fluoride needs, and recommend the best children’s dental care products. He will check for problems, such as nursing or baby bottle tooth decay, and evaluate any adverse habits such as thumbsucking.

If you have a toddler who has not been seen, it is not too late to start on a bright, beautiful smile. Before the first visit, explain to your child that Dr. Ching are friendly doctors who takes care of teeth. Talk about the visit in a positive, matter-of-fact way, as you would about any important new experience. You can show your child pictures of our office on the Office Tour link to show them that ours is a child-friendly, fun place to go.

During the first visit, you will be with your child as Dr. Ching gently examines his/her teeth and gums, checking for decay and other problems. If necessary, your child’s teeth will be cleaned. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled.

You are an essential part of maintaining your child’s good dental health. We encourage our patients to become partners with Dr. Ching and participate in all the dental visits. Regular exams, a balanced diet, and proper care at home will help your children enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles.