Office Tour

Welcome to our Office!

For over 40 years, we have been working to create a safe, fun environment to provide the best possible care for all children.

From the moment a family walks into our waiting room, it is clear everything we do is designed to ensure a positive experience for your child.

From Thomas the Train table to interactive toys for all ages there is something for every child.

Dr. Ed has over 40 years experience in Children's Dentistry. He was elected president of the California Association of Pediatric Dentistry and has lectured extensively in his field. Every family who comes into our offices works directly with Dr. Ed. Each child is given individualized attention so we may identify the most effective treatment.

The treatment area is open and kid friendly. Children are never isolated in small rooms, but kept together with their peers. All procedures are explained in kid friendly language and paced to ensure each child is at ease.

Families are always welcome in our treatment areas. Where we teach prevention techniques and kid friendly routines to ensure children keep their bright, healthy smiles.

For our teen patients, we have a brand new treatment center geared to their needs.

Even our x-rays are kid friendly.

Tucked within our kid friendly treatment room you will find state of the art technology; digital x-rays, panorex machines and autoclaves to ensure the highest quality of care.

Prevention is our highest priority. You will find Dr. Ed, Dr. Nick, and his staff at schools across the Bay Area teaching the best kid friendly prevention technique. If they come to your school, keep an eye out because the tooth fairy just may stop by!